Friday, 24 September 2010

Healthy Nails :)

Teddy is ready for a manicure

It's important to look after your hands and nails, so after learning how to wash our hands properly (and the other parts of us that ended up covered in red paint) we had a hand and nail pampering session. We also had combs and some nice new hair bobbles to do our hair too.


  1. Whoa! Really cool. My Pathfinder unit had a nail lady come in to teach us how to paint our nails all cool.

    Sounds like lots of fun!
    Amanda from Canada

  2. Oh that sounds fab. I hope we will get a chance to paint our nails another day - it took so long to wash all of the red paint of our hands that we ran out of time for the pampering! How old are Pathfinders?