Monday, 30 August 2010

#12 The Park

Teddy had an exciting summer while E looked after him. She even took him on the swings at the park! Lucky Teddy. Maybe I'll get to play on the swings at our next meeting... if the weather stays good!

Computer Night

We don't have many Brownies at the moment, so we're making the most of not many people and doing some fun things, like visiting the Computer Room in our meeting place.
Teddy had a few problems reaching the mouse and keyboard at the same time....
We learnt all about the Web Safe Code then we had a go on the computers. We visited lots of fun websites, but spent most of our time looking at the Brownie Website, which has LOADS of games to play!

We are hoping to go back and do our Computer Badge this term, which should be lots of fun.

Remember to stay safe on the web!

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Baking fun

Summer is over and that means... Brownies are back! I have to update you on all of our summer adventures first though, so look out for some posts in the next few days :)

First up, you may remember I mentioned Teddy had some help baking Pluto, and that we would have a picture soon. Well, here they are, all set for baking!

Teddy and E baking            

Stay tuned for more