Thursday, 2 September 2010

Cool Party!

This was for one of the challenges in Adventure 100. We had a 'Cool Party', where we dressed up in as many clothes as we could fit, then ate lots of chilled or frozen foods.

This was a few months ago now, a lot of our bigger Brownies are now Guides!!

 And I can tell you that results of the recent poll for favourite ice cream was.....



  1. mmmm... Chocolate!!!! My favourite is Strawberry though.

    And how did you get on so many clothes! I once put on 20 pairs of socks for a contest. My feet were very warm. I wish I could still fit my feet in my boots with that many socks on. It would be very helpful when we go camping in the winter.

    Amanda from Canada

  2. That would be a very smart idea. Thank you flat brownie!