Monday, 20 September 2010

Caught Red Handed!

International Clean Hands Week is from 19th to 25th September!
We have Inspection most weeks at our Brownies, where we check (one or two from the list) that we have: Clean hands and nails, hair tied back, trainers or gym shoes on and have our handbooks. Not many people get full marks for clean hands....

Sooo, one evening we decided to see how well we can wash our hands. This is an activity in the Brownie Adventure handbook. What you do is, get some red paint, mix it with hand soap, and rub it on your hands! [note for people wanting to try this: you don't need much, start with a little and spread it out, otherwise you will be waiting aaaages for it to dry]

Once it is dry, close your eyes, try to wash your hands, then open your eyes again to see which bits you missed.


1 comment:

  1. ahaha! That is so cool!!! I shall have tell the Brownies here that... They will be very excited to try it.

    Keep adventuring!
    Amanda from Canada