Friday, 3 September 2010

#13 Deep Sea World

There is so much to do around our city, hopefully you will get an idea of some of the fun things from upcoming posts (I bet you're excited to find out where else we have been..!!)

On our summer adventures, we went to Deep Sea World, which is just over the other side of the huuge Forth Road Bridge. Going over the bridge is exciting enough for me, but when you get to Deep Sea World, wow! You can see a Dory fish (did you know they were real fish?) and touch starfish and then there is an underwater tunnel with a moving floor - you stand still and the floor moves around under the tunnel so you can see the fish and SHARKS swimming around above you. It is very cool.
Oh, and there are seals, too!

Just keep swimming.....


1 comment:

  1. What do we do? We SWIM!

    Deep Sea World must have been a very cool place to go. There's a place here in Canada like that called Marine Land. I've never been there though. :(

    I did see a giant aquarium in Chicago, USA though! But I don't think it's anything like the Deep Sea World you went to.

    Keep Adventuring!
    Amanda from Canada