Monday, 24 May 2010

100 Goals!

Our Brownies were supposed to be playing water games and doing water tasting tonight, but after a weekend of sunshine, it was chilly and drizzly today. Instead, we had a look at some other challenges.

From the adventure 100 booklet....
6. Target 100

Can your unit score 100 goals, hop, skip or jump 100 times,
or shoot 100 archery arrows on target? Have an evening of
sports-type targets with participation medals for everyone
taking part (all 10)

Three plastic balls
This is what we did tonight! All of our Brownies hit 100 targets or goals each! We are lucky that our young leader has a lot of sports equipment, so we set up 5 different stations:
1. Use a golf club to hit 10 balls into the goal. The green balls were placed 2m away from the goal and the red balls were 3m away. We each had to get all 10 in before we could move onto the next one...
2. Beanbags in hoops! We had a green hoop and a yellow hoop, and the green one was further away. There were 5 each yellow and green beanbags and we had to get them into the matching hoops. This one was the hardest station. Well, the hardest unless, like me, you can't balance on the....
3. Balance board!
(picture from Amazon)
getting the ball from one side to the other counted as 1 goal. This isn't as easy as it looks!
Next it was on to:
4. "Basketball". We had a hoop balanced on 2 chairs and we had to throw a ball into the hoop 10 times. Even though it was a pretty big hoop, this station was still quite difficult.
5. The final station was a football station. We had little marker cones set up as a goal, and had to kick the ball into the goal. Simple!

My friends out there who have been counting will realise that this is only 50 each, so once we got to the end, we did it all again!

We were all pretty thirsty after all that, so had a drink, then played some parachute games and scored a few more goals, just for fun!

Next week, Teddy and I are visiting Pluto! Thanks for voting :)

Monday, 17 May 2010

#2 Brownies take over Edinburgh Castle

There I am, trying to escape from Teddy, who was trying to persuade me to go and hunt for some more centenary ducks. The blue ones were his favourite.

Our second adventure was awesome! Teddy and I went with the Brownies to Edinburgh Castle on the 9th of May. It was a beautiful day, and around 1500 Brownies were there, including me! We arrived around 1.15pm, and were given our tickets by some nice ladies outside. We went in the big gates, and up the slope. Our tickets were scanned at the gate, and we were allowed in!

Our leaders were given a big pack of things for us to do - a map of the castle, some information, and a challenge! The challenge was to find 6 centenary ducks that were hidden around the castle. We were given clues, a bit like a treasure hunt, and these clues took us all over the castle. One poor duck was stuck down the well.

Another thing we had to do at our meeting before we got to the castle was to design a shield for our unit. Ours was really colourful, but I forgot to take a picture... it had a huge squirrel, some fish, a crocodile, flowers, snails and a rabbit. We also decorated it with lots of glitter, beautiful. We handed our shields in and had a look at some shields from the other units - ours was definitely one of the best.

There is so much to see at the castle, and we saw all of it - from the One O'clock gun, to the dungeons and the Great Hall. We even saw the Crown Jewels!

There were jugglers, ladies dressed up like they used to back in the olden times, owls, a magician, and free lunch! yum yum.

Sunday, 2 May 2010

#1 Science Festival

While Teddy was away on his hodilays to the Lake District (and didn't take a photo, silly Teddy), I visited the Edinburgh International Science Festival!
photograph of the fossil remains of a dinosaur skeleton

I learnt how to program robots, had a go at digging up a dinosaur, learnt about mummies in ancient egypt, explored inside of someone's knee with a camera, made some blood, got a bit wet in the wave tank, and learnt how to make holograms in the LASER lab!

Saturday, 1 May 2010


Hello, I'm Flat Brownie, and welcome to our blog.

Teddy and I live in the north of Edinburgh, and as part of Guirlguiding's Adventure 100, we are trying to visit 100 places! We are always looking for suggestions of where to go next, so just leave a comment if you think of somewhere good!