Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Number Games

We're on holidays at the moment but I thought I'd note down some number themed games for future reference!

There are some good ones on Activity Village including
Concentration, which we've played before
and Beat That, which we were going to play recently but didn't get around to

Anything with dice would work out your number skills -  how about
The Mars Bar Game
or the ever-popular Beetle Drive

This looks like a fun card game

Or you could play one of our favorites, Gypsy Wants! to play this with numbers:
You need at least 2 teams with at least 3 in each team (or more if you have full sixes!)
Number the players in each team.
A leader then calls out, "Gypsy wants the number of...." eg. "number of wheels on a car" and the person with that number has to run down. The first person to Gypsy wins a point (or a counter)

I suggest writing a list before you start unless you can think of things easily on the spot!
If the game seems too easy, try bigger numbers, eg. number of days in a week would need 3 plus 4 or 6 plus 1 to run down together.

If you have other fun number games, let me know in the comments :)

We've got some exciting things happening in the Summer term, can't wait to get back!

Monday, 4 March 2013

Brownie Computer Badge

This is an interactive post for our Brownies completing the Computer badge! If there are any leaders who would like the worksheet that goes with this, please let me know.

Welcome Brownies!

Please read the Web Safe Code on your sheet and sign it.
Go to the Brownie website at www.girlguiding.org.uk/brownies.
Find someone famous who has been a Brownie
Which badge has a dolphin on it?
Write the answers on your sheet.

Show a leader how to save a site as a bookmark
Go to scrapcoloring.com/first-name-coloring-page
Type your name into the box which says "Second line" and click "Submit Query"
Colour in your name! We will print it out later.
Save your work (get a leader to check)

Go to Google www.google.com and search for one of the following:
* your favourite pop star
* a historical figure
* a sport you are interested in
* a country you would like to visit
Write something about it on your sheet.

Read about computer viruses and be careful when using the internet!
A computer virus is a small program which spreads from one computer to another and stops your computer working properly.
A virus is most easily spread by attachments in emails. This is why you should never click an attachment if you don’t know who sent you the email. You can protect your computer by making sure you have an anti-virus program and by not downloading anything from places you don’t trust.

Please leave me a comment!

If you have time and your sheet has been checked, head back to the Brownie website and have a go at some of the games.

Well done!
Flat Brownie

World Cultures Badge

The last few weeks we have been working on our World Cultures badge. We completed a little scrap book which had information about our culture (Scottish) and we had to fill out a food diary for a week. We wrote down something we ate each day, where in the world we would expect to eat that food (like, pizza in italy), and also if the food came in a packet, where the packet said the food was grown.
Lots of fruits and vegetables in supermarkets come from a long way away!

We played some games from other countries:
Dollar, Dollar (this is good fun)
Dutch Shoe Game (this was a hit too!)

and we coloured some pretty japanese paper dolls
We hopefully will be able to use the computers in our meeting place this week, so we will look up some Guiding uniforms in other countries, there are lots of pictures here.

Friday, 22 February 2013

Happy World Thinking Day!

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Pack Holiday 2012 - Science

Last year's Pack holiday had a theme of science! We chose experiments from the excellent Sensational Science challenge resource and had leader and room names based around science.
Our leaders were Elements:
Susium, Shivium, Myrium

and our dorms were space -themed:
Enterprise, Atlantis and Columbia

We dyed some shirts, did lots of floating and sinking experiments, went on a glow stick trail, played a lot of games, ate tasty food, washed all of our own dishes, had an archery lesson, created pizzas, made lip balm, sang a few songs and slept a little!

Friday, 8 February 2013



Sorry there weren't many posts last term, everyone was very busy!

Here's a look at some things we did recently

Monday, 23 July 2012

Busy Summer!

Hello all.

Exciting non-Brownie news is our ex Young Leader, Jodi, is a young mayor at the Olympic Village! She's blogging about it here.

Another blog we're following over the summer is NeverSeconds This blog was all over the news just before the summer holidays because the girl VEG (or Martha) was temporarily banned from taking photos of her school dinners because the media was going mad at the dinner ladies which upset some people. Social media is crazy though, as soon as it got around the news that it had been banned, literally millions (7 million and counting) of people started viewing the site about a Scottish Girl's school dinners! As bonkers as it all was, Martha set up a just giving site to put in her £50 she was given for a magazine using photos from her blog. Visitors to the site have then (so far) donated over £100,000 to a (Scottish) charity called Mary's Meals which provides school meals to children who really need them. Social media is scary and powerful but it can do good things! In this case they've donated enough to build a new School kitchen in Malawi.  She's on summer hols, like us, at the moment but other people are sending in their pictures of school meals.

We're well into our summer holiday here, and soon it will be time to go on camp! Kestrel is going on a camp with 100 Brownies and Guides from all over Scotland at the beginning of August, then our Brownies are going on Pack holiday at the very end of the school hols. Kestrel will be completing her pack holiday license there!

I'll post up some camp posts afterwards, don't want to spoil any of the activities for anyone who might happen to come across the blog before it happens. Let's just say Kestrel has been buying a lot of socks!

Hope you're all having a lovely summer! I'm having a good one despite all of the rain...