Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Postcard Display

Here are most of our postcards from the exchange! We had a few more which didn't fit onto the map, and more strings, but Kestrel forgot to take a picture of the full display before taking it off the wall at the last meeting.

We printed the map from National Geographic's Education site. They have some tools to make massive poster maps, but what we did was make a '1 page printable map', saved it as pdf, then printed it using the 'poster' option of Adobe Reader, Scaling it up 250% so that it fit on 2 rows of 4 A4 portrait sheets. This was a good size for us!

We had a lovely time participating in the exchange, we all got to try out our reading skills (some of the place and people's names were difficult!) and see some lovely postcards from other units around the world :)

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