Sunday, 6 May 2012

Gypsy Wants

Gypsy Wants

minimum 2 teams of 3.
Equipment needed - some way to keep score (we give out counters), list of objects

Split into even teams and number each member.

A leader at the other end of the hall sits on a chair with a list of objects. She then calls a person and object. Eg. "Gypsy wants number 2 to bring her a hat". The first member down to Gypsy gets a point. The team with the most points at the end wins!

A list of things:
A pen/pencil
A watch (usually has to ask a leader for this)
A Brownie Sash/Handboook
A girl with... earrings, aged 7/8/9/10, with long hair, with a brother, blue eyes etc.
A shoe/sock (depending how we feel, we specify the sock has to be off the foot!)
The colour of Brown Owl's car
A jacket/scarf/hat
"Lucky" (one of our soft toy mascots)
Their whole six (holding hands to get the point)

I really advise having a list, it's hard to think of things on the spot!
If you know this game under another name, please let me know.


Gypsy wants (colour version)

Teams of 3 (can be adjusted depending on numbers)
in each team, have red, blue and yellow. It is useful to have stickers so Gypsy can check they're not cheating.

This time tell the teams that Gypsy is going to call out an item, and the person who is the same colour as that item has to run down. Same as above, first to Gypsy gets a point.
eg. if  'grass' was called, the green member would have to run down.
This opens up possibilities for mixing colours, as 2 team members have to run for green, orange and purple. And Brown was the last!

A list of things:
sky, sea, blueberries, blue bird, jeans, Brown Owl's car, strawberries, cherries, post box, lips, tomatoes, lemon, giraffe (actually there was some discussion about the colour of a giraffe), banana, butter, custard, sun, cheese, orange, fire (accepted r, y, or), pumpkin, cheese, fanta, tigers, nemo, green, grass, broccoli, crocodile, celery, lime, frog, purple, blackcurrants, plum, grapes, lavender

You could also have teams of 6 with each a different colour, or black and white. If you try this please let me know how it goes!

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