Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Artist Badge

Three new Brownies last week!! We sent some postcards around the local schools to try and get some more. There will hopefully be another showing up next week too :)

Lately we've been working on the Artist badge
 We made Easter cards before the Easter hols, and coloured mandalas with only three colours (nice link to a page with lots of printable sheets here) and made a picture of our own choice.

Last week at our meeting we finished off our activities.
First, we split everone up into red, blue or yellow team. We don't have even sixes at the moment but there were 12 girls so we just mixed everyone up. Then we played Gypsy wants (Colour Version) I tried to find an online link to this game but it must be called something different, so I'll create a new post with both!

We then spent most of the rest of the meeting making collages of ourselves. We stuck with the colours we were given at the start of the meeting, so were only allowed to use that colour, black or white. Kestrel, Merlin and Brown owl were then mixed colours!

I especially like the hair of the one on the bottom right!! This worked out really well as an activity -  each colour at their own table so they couldn't try to use EVERYTHING in our craft box. Ended up with some really creative pictures to cover our notice board :)

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