Thursday, 1 September 2011

We are BACK

Brownies are back!

This week we were mainly working on our handbooks - a lot of our girls enrolled at the end of last term so we have plenty of pages to work through. Everyone came back, except from our old Brownie who is moving up to Guides when they start back, but we recruited a new girl who moved from one of the other packs.

Other than handbooks we played a couple of games:
A game to learn people's names - we had to go round the circle and say our name and something we like, and remember everyone else's..
eg. "My name is Brown Owl and I like Cats"
"My name is Flat Brownie and I like chocolate, this is Brown Owl and she likes cats"
We all managed it, and it was surprising the girls who managed to remember lots without help from the rest of us!

We also played Johnny Went to the Zoo, which is a team game - each member of the team has a name like Johnny, Mummy, Daddy, Elephant, Giraffe, Monkey... and a leader tells a story about Johnny and his day at the zoo. Whenever your name is mentioned you have to run and the first person back to their team gets a point.

We have lots of fun things planned for this term, including learning more songs. Our current group of girls seem to enjoy singing more than others we've had recently so we need to dust off our song books and get learning some new ones. This site has loooads of songs if you're ever looking for any... I want to try Flea Fly Flo!

Look out for me from an exotic location next week....

Flat Brownie

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