Thursday, 29 September 2011


Hello Friends!
Sorry for the lack of updates, but Kestrel doesn't have internet at home yet and she is the one who types up all these entries for me.
I've been visiting Europe recently... we had a lovely evening learning about Denmark from one of the Guides - she went there for a big Jambourette in the summer, and to raise money she was hosting theme nights and we each got a badge from it.

So we learnt about what Denmark is famous for  (Hans Christian Anderson, who wrote the Ugly Duckling and the Little Mermaid; Lego and Lurpak Butter). We looked up the country on our map and we can see it's not very far from Edinburgh really!

We also played a game and decorated some mermaids. It was great fun, and we all have a new badge and I have some mermaid friends :)


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