Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Still Summer

 We're actually most of the way through our summer holidays here in Scotland! Only 2 weeks left of School hols, which means are Brownies are back in just under 3 weeks. Our leaders are meeting on Monday to plan out activites for the new term - hopefully something good. I'd like to have a go at the Postcard Exchange and maybe we could do our World Guiding or World Traveller badge.

I'm also really excited about Halloween because we didn't have enough Brownies for a party last year! Lots of our Brownies made their promise at the end of the Summer term, so we'll have some fun working through our Adventure books and hopefully have some interesting guests like Grandpa Frank, who came to talk to us about Elephants as part of our Friend to Animals badge (we did the Endangered animals part, which included making Milk Bottle Elephants and adopting an Elephant from the WWF).
I hope you're all having a lovely summer :)


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