Friday, 7 October 2011

Rugby World Cup 2011

This week  Brown Owl was away on holidays, so Kestrel and Merlin were in charge of us for the evening and we had the Rugby World Cup!

This year the World cup was hosted by New Zealand, so first we decorated some Koru pendants. (From the guiding magazine). We then stuck these onto some cardboard which Kestrel had cut into ovals, and made a hole in the top to make them into necklaces. Very nice :)
We then split into 3 teams for the competition - first each team were given their name (Italy, USA and South Africa) and we had to go to our correct flag. USA was easy but we weren't sure about Italy and South Africa at first...

We played a relay race where we had to throw balls backwards (because that's what they do in Rugby), and the 'Stop game'. This is one of my most favourite games - each Brownie is given 3 counters (we use old smartie lids). The Brownies run around, and a leader walks about the room. At some point, the leader puts her hand up in a 'stop' sign, but doesn't say anything, and the last person to stop loses a counter. After a few stops, the groups gather back and count how many counters they have left as a team. The team with the most left is the winner.
 We also played the spaceships game, where counters are spread across the room and as teams we have to collect as many counters as possible and bring them back to their circle (chalked on the floor), but we can only pick up one at a time!
Scoring is  a bit complicated in Rugby - you get points for winning, drawing, and extra points for all sorts of things.. Instead we made it simple by making 3 points for the team in first place, 2 for second and 1 for third.
In the end, South Africa and USA were joint second with 17 points but Italy were the winners with 21!

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