Monday, 23 July 2012

Busy Summer!

Hello all.

Exciting non-Brownie news is our ex Young Leader, Jodi, is a young mayor at the Olympic Village! She's blogging about it here.

Another blog we're following over the summer is NeverSeconds This blog was all over the news just before the summer holidays because the girl VEG (or Martha) was temporarily banned from taking photos of her school dinners because the media was going mad at the dinner ladies which upset some people. Social media is crazy though, as soon as it got around the news that it had been banned, literally millions (7 million and counting) of people started viewing the site about a Scottish Girl's school dinners! As bonkers as it all was, Martha set up a just giving site to put in her £50 she was given for a magazine using photos from her blog. Visitors to the site have then (so far) donated over £100,000 to a (Scottish) charity called Mary's Meals which provides school meals to children who really need them. Social media is scary and powerful but it can do good things! In this case they've donated enough to build a new School kitchen in Malawi.  She's on summer hols, like us, at the moment but other people are sending in their pictures of school meals.

We're well into our summer holiday here, and soon it will be time to go on camp! Kestrel is going on a camp with 100 Brownies and Guides from all over Scotland at the beginning of August, then our Brownies are going on Pack holiday at the very end of the school hols. Kestrel will be completing her pack holiday license there!

I'll post up some camp posts afterwards, don't want to spoil any of the activities for anyone who might happen to come across the blog before it happens. Let's just say Kestrel has been buying a lot of socks!

Hope you're all having a lovely summer! I'm having a good one despite all of the rain...


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