Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Number Games

We're on holidays at the moment but I thought I'd note down some number themed games for future reference!

There are some good ones on Activity Village including
Concentration, which we've played before
and Beat That, which we were going to play recently but didn't get around to

Anything with dice would work out your number skills -  how about
The Mars Bar Game
or the ever-popular Beetle Drive

This looks like a fun card game

Or you could play one of our favorites, Gypsy Wants! to play this with numbers:
You need at least 2 teams with at least 3 in each team (or more if you have full sixes!)
Number the players in each team.
A leader then calls out, "Gypsy wants the number of...." eg. "number of wheels on a car" and the person with that number has to run down. The first person to Gypsy wins a point (or a counter)

I suggest writing a list before you start unless you can think of things easily on the spot!
If the game seems too easy, try bigger numbers, eg. number of days in a week would need 3 plus 4 or 6 plus 1 to run down together.

If you have other fun number games, let me know in the comments :)

We've got some exciting things happening in the Summer term, can't wait to get back!

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