Monday, 4 March 2013

World Cultures Badge

The last few weeks we have been working on our World Cultures badge. We completed a little scrap book which had information about our culture (Scottish) and we had to fill out a food diary for a week. We wrote down something we ate each day, where in the world we would expect to eat that food (like, pizza in italy), and also if the food came in a packet, where the packet said the food was grown.
Lots of fruits and vegetables in supermarkets come from a long way away!

We played some games from other countries:
Dollar, Dollar (this is good fun)
Dutch Shoe Game (this was a hit too!)

and we coloured some pretty japanese paper dolls
We hopefully will be able to use the computers in our meeting place this week, so we will look up some Guiding uniforms in other countries, there are lots of pictures here.

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