Saturday, 7 January 2012

Winter Snowglobes

It was very busy just before the Christmas holidays, so sorry for only updating now! In December we played a bunch of our favourite games, made some Christmas cards and had a party for our last night. We also tried making snowglobes!

Merlin was organising this craft and managed to rustle up lots of nutella jars with the snap-on lids so that our snowglobes all looked the same. Simple enough idea - stick a decoration to the lid of the jar, fill the jar with water and glitter and glue the lid on top.

1 tsp of glitter in a jar like this was a good amount. We had lots and lots of glitter so we all chose different colours. For our decorations, we decided to use a glittery pine-cone decoration to stick onto the lid.


When we turned them upside down the decoration came unstuck! Oh nooo. Never mind, the girls still liked them, When you shake the jar the decoration whirls around inside the glitter too. They'll just have to be a new craft called SNOWSTORM.

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