Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Postcard Exchange

7 Postcards have arrived so far! It is very exciting wondering if there is going to be a postcard waiting for you when you arrive home...!

This week at Brownies we looked over our postcard design and the girls wrote their messages. The messages will be stuck to the postcards and sent out this week, to all over the world. We are exchanging with Girl Scouts from England, America, Canada, Japan, Australia and Vietnam.

We also played a couple of our favourite games - Mummy, Daddy, Baby and Pale Pink Pyjamas. We had a pow-wow to discuss what we wanted to do this term and mainly had suggestions for new games! A few people wanted to do the Artist badge and we'd like to visit places like the museum, the cinema and the Zoo.

I'd like to go to the Zoo to visit the new pandas!

I will scan our postcards soon so you can all see :)

Bye for now,


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