Thursday, 22 March 2012

World Guiding - International Camp

As part of our World Guiding badge, we had to
Talk with someone who has been abroad with Girlguiding UK

Our ex-young leader (now a Leader with Guides) went on an International camp to Hong Kong during the Christmas holidays, and she kindly agreed to come along and chat with us about it, and she brought loads of things to show us!

The postcard below is actually from Vietnam, it's one of our exchange swaps, we were talking about them at the same time :) We actually had a Hong Kong exchange, so we were able to see on the map (I'll post that some other time) where it was in the world!

Cool camp blanket! International camping sounds like a lot of fun, but they tried lots of strange food, not sure I could manage that. We each got given one of the tartan friendship pins, since there were some left over.

It was great having someone different to chat to during the meeting, and the Brownies all had lots of interesting questions and comments. Thank you!!

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