Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Hello to our exchange friends!

If any of you are our postcard exchange friends, please leave a comment to say hello :)

In our last session at Brownies we started work on our World Guiding badge - we sang a song about Brownies around the world and started work on friendship circles (a ring of paper dolls). We also played Gypsy Wants and sang Who stole the cookie and finished off with Squeeze. Squeeze is our imaginary friend and stays with a different Brownie each week. He is small enough to fit in a pocket and enjoys chocolate and naps. The Seconder who took him home gets to keep Squeeze for two weeks since we have a week off due to school holidays!

I will put a picture up here of our postcard display once they have all arrived - we are still waiting for a few :)



  1. I'm a Brown Owl leader with a unit of Brownies in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada! Nice to read posts and gain ideas. We have a unit of 29 girls age 7-9!

    For Thinking Day, perhaps I will share some of what I learn from your posts :)

    1. 29, wow! We have 11 at the moment but we only had 3 Brownies a year ago so 11 is good!
      Yes, please do. If you want any more details/info just let me know :)