Sunday, 13 November 2011

New Sixes

Tomorrow night at Brownies we are introducing new Sixes! If you've been following my blog you will know that we hardly had any Brownies for ages, then we got a bunch all at once. We had two sixes with a sixer each, but since our oldest Brownie moved to Guides in September, we've only had one sixer, and 2 sixes.
So, now everyone has made their promise and we all know each other a bit more, we are going to have 3 sixes!

 Foxes, Rabbits and Squirrels. The other Brownies who meet in the same place as us are the more traditional Kelpies, Pixies, etc, but we are animals! I would have liked a Mole or Badger six, but we already had these badges.

We're also re-starting INSPECTION. Every week at Brownies we have to make sure we have our hair tied back, have uniform on, wearing trainers or gym shoes, and have clean hands and nails.
Kestrel says that when she was a Brownie she had to bring a bum-bag every week with 7 things in it: 10p (to make an emergency phone call), a handkerchief (which can be used as a bandage), safety pin (many uses), notepad and pencil (to write important things down), a piece of string (for tying a gate shut?!) and an elastic band (many uses).  Even now Kestrel usually has a safety pin with her, and it comes in useful a lot! Recently it was used to pin a decoration on to someone's shirt when it fell off, the time before that a lady's handbag strap broke off and Kestrel was able to give her a safety pin to fix it to carry home! Amazing. The bum-bags weren't very cool though.

We're starting the Season's badge soon, that should be exciting - I'm off to look up how to stay safe in the dark. It gets dark very early here in Edinburgh in the winter.

Bye for now


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  1. Hello Flat Brownie, we have the same three sixes as your new ones plus Hedgehogs.