Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Craft time!

What can you make with milk bottles and newspapers?

We painted them yesterday and next week we are going to finish them off, I can't wait, they will look excellent.

This week we were going to play jump the blob, which is the old favourite of a beanbag on the end of a string which is spun round in a circle - you have to jump over it and if it hits you, you lose a life. Some of our Brownies are really good at this game and the beanbag wore out. We made a new one but someone forgot to bring it to Brownies!! Instead we played a ball game called drop it catch it. In this game everyone stands in a circle and someone (usually a leader but sometimes a Brownie) throws the ball to Brownies at random. The thrower calls out either "drop it!" or "catch it!" and you are supposed to do the opposite. Seems easy but we usually have 3 lives each and it still doesn't go on as long as you might expect.

Two new Brownies arrived this week too! One moved from another unit, and the other just moved into the area but hasn't been a Brownie before so they are both a bit older. That's good because we have LOTS of new, young Brownies at the moment, it's nice to have a few new older ones. In fact, we are enrolling 6 girls next week - we are inviting the parents and are going to play parachute games outdoors, so hopefully it will be nice weather :)

I'll be back next week with some pained Elephants and some newly enrolled Brownies!!



  1. I like! Can I ask how much you did beforehand? Did the girls cut the shapes? Is poster paint enough? Can you talk me through it, because I would really like to try this craft?

  2. There's a nice set of instructions here


    A leader at a local unit told me about this and said it was really fun, but they didn't look as good as the picture when the girls were let loose with tissue paper!
    We decided to turn it into a 3-week activity by using newspaper to cover, then poster paint and will decorate them next week. We would have cut them before but run out of time so we just drew on lines the girls just did it - easy enough once there was a hole in the bottle to cut around altough the trunk was a bit more difficult.

    I will post more complete instructions next week once we have completed photos :)