Tuesday, 15 June 2010

#4-11 Around the world!

Last week at Brownies, we were let loose on the computers! Oh yes!
Myself, Teddy and the Brownies visited the brilliant National Geographic Kids site, where we were able to travel to lots of places around the world. You can even send a postcard once you are there.

Our Rabbit Sixer sent us a postcard from the cathedral in Antigua, GuatemalaOur newest Brownie decided to visit the lavender fields in FranceOur oldest Brownie loves Spain and matadors!Our Speediest Brownie wants to climb this mountain in Japan, wow! Our helpful seconder dreams of visiting China, to learn how all this cotton gets turned into clothes
Teddy went to New Zealand looking for hobbits
And our little helper from last time, who just can't wait to be a Brownie, sent a postcard from Ireland!
Only 2 weeks of meetings left until the summer holidays... oh no! I hope Brown Owl has something nice planned for the last night....

1 comment:

  1. Whoa those are some really cool places!!

    I shall have to bring home a postcard from the international camp I'm going to in the summer and post it on here to show you! :)

    Keep adventuring Teddy and Flat Brownie!