Monday, 17 May 2010

#2 Brownies take over Edinburgh Castle

There I am, trying to escape from Teddy, who was trying to persuade me to go and hunt for some more centenary ducks. The blue ones were his favourite.

Our second adventure was awesome! Teddy and I went with the Brownies to Edinburgh Castle on the 9th of May. It was a beautiful day, and around 1500 Brownies were there, including me! We arrived around 1.15pm, and were given our tickets by some nice ladies outside. We went in the big gates, and up the slope. Our tickets were scanned at the gate, and we were allowed in!

Our leaders were given a big pack of things for us to do - a map of the castle, some information, and a challenge! The challenge was to find 6 centenary ducks that were hidden around the castle. We were given clues, a bit like a treasure hunt, and these clues took us all over the castle. One poor duck was stuck down the well.

Another thing we had to do at our meeting before we got to the castle was to design a shield for our unit. Ours was really colourful, but I forgot to take a picture... it had a huge squirrel, some fish, a crocodile, flowers, snails and a rabbit. We also decorated it with lots of glitter, beautiful. We handed our shields in and had a look at some shields from the other units - ours was definitely one of the best.

There is so much to see at the castle, and we saw all of it - from the One O'clock gun, to the dungeons and the Great Hall. We even saw the Crown Jewels!

There were jugglers, ladies dressed up like they used to back in the olden times, owls, a magician, and free lunch! yum yum.


  1. What a great adventure flat brownie! I hope you like water tasting this week!

  2. Whoa! That poor Centerary duck down the well! I hope someone saved him. :)

    Did you find all the ducks at the castle?